At the end of the tournament of the European University Hockey League (EUHL), played as part of the Małopolska Winter Cup, Sabers Oświęcim again defeated the Romanian Sapientia U-23. This time the fans witnessed a hockey thriller. Oświęcim made up for the two-goal loss, and the signal to attack in the end was given by Michał Kowalczuk. The day before, the inhabitants of Oświęcim won 5:1.

The second match between these two teams started similarly to the first. The fans witnessed a fast game, only goals were missing.

The hosts worked out several scoring positions. First, they wasted the power play. Then, Piotr Kot hit the post, and Jahor Piankrat, having only the goalkeeper in front of him, was unable to defeat him.

Among the guests, Viktor Solokin lost a duel with Filip Płonka (9 minutes). The goalkeeper from Oświęcim also saved the correction. Just before the first one, Tamas Benedek did not find a way for the local goalkeeper.

At the beginning of the second quarter, the locals played in a double weakness for 62 seconds. After the return of the first of the punished, the inhabitants of Oświęcim could take the lead. However, Igor Nikolaevich lost the duel with the Romanian goalkeeper.

After that, both teams picked up some penalties. As a result of their accumulation on the ice, it became a little looser. The guests played in the “four-on-three” advantage, which was used by Zalan Szocs. He managed to “shoot through” the well-disposed Filip Płonka.
In the third installment, the locals couldn’t find a way to defeat the Romanians. As time passed, they had to play more openly, exposing themselves to counter-attacks. After one of them, the visitors dismantled the local defense, increasing the lead.

In the end, the locals scored a contact goal; Michał Kowalczuk used a pass from behind the goal from Jahor Piankrat. A moment later there was a draw, although Wasyl Jerassow’s goal was scored by the referee only after video analysis.

In the end, the locals scored a contact goal; Michał Kowalczuk used a pass from behind the goal from Jahor Piankrat.

In the extra-time, the “golden goal” of Oświęcim’s victory was scored by Jahor Piankrat with a beautiful shot into the “window”.

UHT Sabers Oswiecim – Sapientia U-23 3:2 after ET. (0:0, 0:1, 2:1, default 1:0)

Goals: 0:1 Szocs 31, 0:2 Marton – Kedves – Benedek 52, 1:2 Kowalczuk – Piankrat – Jerassow 55, 2:2 Jerassow – Melnyk 58, 3:2 Piankrat – Najsarek 63.

Author of the article: Jerzy Zaborski

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The titular partner of the event is the Małopolskie Region