After a series of away games, we’re back on the ice in the Oswiecim Ice Arena. We would like to invite you on Monday 07.03.2022 for a game of the EUHL league, in which our university field hockey team UHT Sabers will once again face off against Romanian team Sapientia U23. We invite you to the Ice Arena in Oswiecim on Monday 07.03 at 19:20

Ice Rink MOSiR
, ul. Chemików 4

Last Monday’s EUHL league game took place, our opponent was Romanian team Sapientia U23. After the first lost period, our team showed their fighting spirit by dominating the rest of the game.

UHT Sabers – Sapientia U23 6-3 (1:2, 4:0, 1:1)
Goals: 0:1 Salamon – Nagy 5, 1:1 Piankrat – Ptashkin – Dudkiewicz 19, 1:2 K. Lazar – Antal 20, 2:2 Dudkiewicz – Piankrat – Ptashkin 25, 3:2 Piankrat – Najsarek 28, 4:2 Piankrat – Dudkiewicz 29, 5:2 Ptashkin 31, 5:3 Glofak – Karda – Salamon 46, 6:3 Prusak – Fus 60.

Sabers: Kaczkowski – P. Kot, Dworzak; Fus, Sosnowski, Prusak – Najsarek, Protsenko; Piankrat, Dudkiewicz, Ptaszkin – A. Kot, Wytrykus; Kusak, Sadowski, Klimczyk, Czapelskij, Siemasz, Maniak.

Sapientia U23: Ambrus – Gyorgy, Karda; Glofak, L. Antal, Salamon – Galusnyak, Both; H. Antal, Kedves, Lazar – Nagy, Kristo; T. Bedenek, Becze, Marton – Gal; S. Lazar, M. Lazar, N. Bededek, Banceanu.

The best players of the match were: Jahor Piankrat (Sabers Oswiecim) and Levente Ambrus (Sapientia).

Referees: Michał Baca and Rafał Noworyta (Oświęcim). Penalties: 20 – 20 minutes