Malopolska State University of rtm. Witold Pilecki in Oświęcim invites you to enroll for free bachelor’s, engineering and master’s studies and to join the university ice hockey team SABERS OŚWIĘCIM.

The University’s offer includes courses in the fields of medical, engineering and technical, humanities and social sciences, conducted in a full-time, completely free form, as well as in an extramural form, distinguished from other offers by competitive prices.

The practical studies conducted at the University guarantee students a specialist education as part of extremely interesting lectures, numerous study trips, practical classes in the field and in practical training rooms, or in modern laboratories. The skills and substantive knowledge acquired in this way contribute to the acquisition of a prestigious, practical education, which is attractive on the current labor market and guarantees employment in your dream job

The Oświęcim University offers its students various forms of support, be it financial or the development of passions and interests, which is why there are many research clubs at MUP, and from the academic year 2021/2022, the first university ice hockey team, SABERS OŚWIĘCIM, was established in Poland. to the European University Hockey League (EUHL).

The Malopolska State University makes sure that every student-player can enjoy the student life without giving up the game of hockey. Players have the opportunity to develop their sports skills while gaining an education. The University offers its players:

  • individual days or hours of exams,
  • individual course of study,
  • justifying absences in justified cases,
  • providing additional consultation hours for players,
  • conducting some online classes
  • scholarships for the best for good academic performance and other special achievements in science, sports and society

If you would like to become a student and a player of the university hockey team Sabers Oświęcim, then
remember that when choosing the Małopolska State University:

– you do not have to give up sports for science,
– you take care of your personal development and work on self-discipline,
– you build student and team bonds, as well as a sense of belonging,
– you increase your hockey skills, enabling easier transition to higher categories while gaining academic knowledge,
– you get help with the transition from the junior league to the professional league.

On 01/08/2022, the preparatory camp and the recruitment of players for the UHT SABERS team for the 2022/2023 season is starting:

Classes will be held 6 days a week, from Monday to Saturday, once a day on ice, twice a day training in the gym or gym.

Please direct all inquiries:

– by phone at 507 638 825 – head coach Lubomir Witoszek


Do not hesitate and join us today!
Detailed information on recruitment can be found on the and