The first day of the “Małopolska Winter Cup University Ice Hockey Challenge 2023” and the first two matches of the tournament are behind us. At 14:30 the first match between the teams Gladiators Trenčín – Sapientia U23 began, which ended with the victory of the Romanian team on penalties (3:2). Already in the second match, the fans saw a rain of goals, UHT Sabers Oświęcim defeated Spartacus Košice with the score 18:0.

“After the official opening of the tournament, the locals quickly solved the bag with goals. Already in the 122nd second, Roman Szoferowski hit the “window” with a shot from the blue line. At the beginning of the match, the defenders played the main role. was helpless. The limit of shooting from under the blue line was exhausted before the break. However, with the third hit, the defender “dipped his fingers again”. Jakub Najsarek, with a perpendicular pass, served Damian Wróbel, who won the duel with the Slovak goalkeeper. in the second part, when they mercilessly “pierced” the net of the Slovak goal. Anyway, this could be expected after reading the composition of the guests, who entered only two formations in the match report. Or maybe the inhabitants of Oświęcim wanted to celebrate the former president of Katarzyna Kot for 10 years of work in their own way for UKH Unia Oświęcim, which is just in the first break received a bouquet of flowers from the current helmsman of the club, Paweł Dwozak, who pointed out that the current international tournament is the fruit of her many years of work. The best players of the match were: Mateusz Klimczyk (Sabers) and Dominik Fedor (Spartacus)” – Jerzy Zaborski

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UHT Sabers Oswiecim – Spartacus Kosice 18:0 (3:0, 6:0, 9:0)

Goals: 1:0 Szoferowskij – Sparrow 3, 2:0 Zając – Pencko 9, 3:0 Wrobel – Najsarek 10, 4:0 Jerassow – Piankrat 24, 5:0 Klimczyk – D. Baida – Czapelsky 25, 6:0 Szoferowskij – D. Baida – Fus 25, 7:0 Melnyk – Czapelsky 28, 8:0 Fus – D. Baida 32, 9:0 Piankrat – Jerassow – Zając 33, 10:0 Jerassow – Pencko – Piankrat 43, 11:0 Szoferowskij – Jerassow 48, 12:0 Jerassow – Piankrat – P. Kot 52, 13:0 Klimczyk – Wróbel 53, 14:0 I. Baida – Fus 53, 15:0 Nikolajewicz – Kowalczuk 54, 16:0 Zając – Pencko – Piankrat 54, 17:0 D. Baida – I. Baida 56, 18:0 Kowalczuk – Najsarek 57.

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The titular partner of the event is the Małopolskie Region