UHT Sabers Oświęcim lost the chance to finish the EUHL quarterfinals in their own hall, because in the second match they had to recognize the superiority of the Slovaks from Żilina. The decisive clash for advancing to the semi-finals will take place in the rivals’ hall.

In the first set, the locals did what they had to do, i.e. they used the period of the game in a double advantage. Daniło Baida played alongside the goal, and his brother, Ilya, completed the formalities with a close-up shot.

The guests equalized after a double counter on the lonely Igor Kukla. The local defender expected rather a pass across the ice, and in the meantime Jakub Simko hit the near corner.

Before the break, after an individual action, Wasyl Jerassow could regain the lead for the hosts. However, he lost the duel with Jakub Sihelsky.

The second part started successfully for the locals. It took 39 seconds for Wasyl Jerassov to beat the goalkeeper. Later, “Sabers” took advantage of the game in advantage, and the attack from behind the backs of Ilya Baida’s defenders and the shot “at pace” was of the best quality. It seemed that the locals had mastered the situation and the only unknown was the size of their winnings.

The inhabitants of Oświęcim did not draw any conclusions from Jan Simko’s rebound, who scored a contact goal for the guests. The locals, playing in a double advantage, were convinced that they would score more goals.

Meanwhile, Simko played on their noses, breaking out of the siege from his own defensive third to win a duel with Gabriel Kaczkowski. A goal scored with a double nerf is a rare sight in hockey.

The period of the Slovak striker’s concert ended with a wrist strike, after which the puck bounced off the crossbar and fell behind the goal line.

In the third installment, the scales of victory turned in favor of the guests, because they took advantage of the numerical advantage. Aleksander Gasparowicz, after leaving the gate, aimed at the “window”.

122 seconds before the end, Michał Kowalczuk’s shot into the upper corner gave the locals a draw. With 59 seconds left, the visitors earned a penalty. In addition, they also got a second one for unsportsmanlike behavior (insulting gestures towards the referee – editorial note) and the locals, having two more players, could end the match in the regular time. However, with 15 seconds to go, Ilya Baid’s shot was saved from close range by Jakub Sihelsky.

The locals started the overtime with a double advantage. 61 seconds left. They didn’t accomplish much. So they experienced the old hockey maxim that wasting such a chance likes to get revenge. So it happened. At the first warning of the Slovaks, Kaczkowski intervened effectively. However, several seconds later he lost the duel with Aleksander Gasparowicz. The “golden goal” ended the extra-time, ensuring the victory for the Slovaks. They are the favorites to advance to the semi-finals, with the prospect of a decisive meeting in their own hall.

UHT Sabers Oswiecim – Uniza Zilina (Slovakia) 5-6 after overtime (1-1, 3-3, 1-1, 0-1 dogfight)

Goals: 1:0 D. Baida – I. Baida 9, 1:1 Simko – Korenik 18, 2:1 Yerassov – Szoferovsky – Kukla 21, 3:1 I. Baida – D. Baida – Jerassov 24, 3:2 Simko 26, 3:3 Simko 29, 3:4 Simko – Housa – Valasek 32, 4:4 Nikolayevich – Kovalchuk – Kot 37, 4:5 Gasparowicz – Legin 52, 5:5 Kovalchuk – Fus 55, 5:6 Ondrasky – Legin 67.

Play-off status (up to 2 wins): 1:1. The decisive match on Monday (March 13, 2023) in Žilina.

Author of the article: Jerzy Zaborski

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