The three-day student hockey tournament came to an end, and the team UHT Sabers from Oświęcim had the most reason to be happy. It was this local team that dominated the tournament and scored the most points, winning all three matches they played against Sapienta U23 and Spartacus Kosice. It is worth noting that the team from Oświęcim presented itself really sensationally, presenting a great form and surprising the rivals with their game.

During the tournament, apart from the team from Poland, we had the pleasure of hosting teams from Romania – Sapientia U23 and two teams from Slovakia – Gladiators Trenčín and Spartacus Košice. All teams performed very well, aiming to win. The matches were exciting, and the fans who came to the halls in large numbers had the opportunity to see many beautiful actions and goals.

Results from the first day of the tournament (10.02.23):

14:30  🇸🇰 Gladiators Trenčín – Sapienta U23 🇷🇴 (2:3 SO);

20:00  🇵🇱 UHT Sabers Oświęcim – Spartacus Košice 🇸🇰 (18:0);

Results from the second day of the tournament (11.02.23):

14:30  🇸🇰 Gladiators Trenčín – Spartacus Košice 🇸🇰 (11:2);

20:00  🇵🇱 UHT Sabers Oświęcim – Sapienta U23 🇷🇴 (5:1);

Results from the third day of the tournament (12.02.23):

14:30  🇸🇰 Gladiators Trenčín – Spartacus Košice 🇸🇰 (20:1);

20:00  🇵🇱 UHT Sabers Oświęcim – Sapienta U23 🇷🇴 (3:2 OT);

In addition to the matches themselves, the organizers also prepared a picnic area where fans could eat delicious food and rest between matches. It is thanks to such initiatives that the atmosphere at the tournament was even more friendly and people from different countries had the opportunity to get to know each other better.

We would like to thank the titular partner – Małopolskie Region, honorary patronage – Witold Kozłowski, Marshal of the Małopolska Region, all partners – Oświęcim City Hall, District Office, Malopolska State University of captain Witold Pilecki in Oświęcim and the organizers – PUHA, UKH Unia Oświęcim, European University Hockey Association for such a great event. Thanks to their commitment and work, the tournament was full of emotions and enjoyed great interest among ice hockey fans. We hope that in the future we will have the opportunity to participate in more such events that will allow us to enjoy the passion and sports spirit of competition.

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