Intense Strength and Conditioning Training

The UHT Sabers hockey team has officially begun their preseason training. This year, the coaching staff has decided to divide the preseason into two phases.

“In the first part, the main goals are to comprehensively prepare the players in terms of strength, hypertrophy, and overall endurance,” says strength and conditioning coach Marcin Smolarek.

After the first part of the preparations, the players will go on a break. The second part of the preseason will begin at the end of July, focusing on increased work on the ice and in the gym.

“In August, we concentrate on specialized on-ice preparation. We need to be ready for a long season in terms of endurance, strength, and tactics,” says Head Coach Vitalii Shlyakhov.

The team is preparing for the upcoming MHL and EUHL competitions.

First Phase of Preseason

In the initial days of preseason, the Sabers are adapting to the demanding training ahead with gym workouts and running sessions combined with internal games of soccer, rugby, and basketball. Strength training at this stage focuses on overall fitness and strength development. Aerobic and anaerobic endurance is being built through intense interval running sessions on the fields of Oświęcim MOSiR. Strength and conditioning coach Marcin Smolarek has developed an individualized program considering each player’s needs to ensure they are fully prepared to resume on-ice training.

Second Phase of Preseason

After the break, the Sabers will resume training in the last week of July. From the start of the second phase, the players will enter specialized on-ice preparations. Additionally, they will continue to work on strength and power in the gym.

“In the second phase of preparations, the coaching staff plans to play 7-8 scrimmage games against teams from Poland and abroad, with several matches taking place during a week-long tour in Switzerland,” says team manager Aleksei Trandin.

Training Session: Rugby on the Practice Field

As part of their Thursday training, the UHT Sabers team organized an unusual session focusing on motor training. The players participated in a rugby match, which was both great fun and a demanding physical exercise. The rugby training helped the players develop quick reaction skills, improve teamwork, and strengthen team spirit. Such activities are a great complement to traditional training methods, offering new challenges and opportunities for growth.

Ready for New Challenges

Thanks to a variety of training sessions, both in the gym and outdoors, the UHT Sabers are gaining comprehensive preparation for the upcoming season. The players are full of energy and motivation, ready to face all the challenges the new season will bring. The rugby training session demonstrated that the team not only works hard but also enjoys physical activity, which will undoubtedly translate into their success on the ice.

We are the team!