The Marshal of Małopolska Witold Kozłowski and Iwona Gibas from the Province Board paid a visit to the Małopolska State University. Captain Witold Pilecki in Oświęcim. The event was also attended by the chairman of the SWM Culture Committee, voivodeship councilor Rafał Stuglik. An annex to the agreement already implemented between the institutions, deepening the possibilities of mutual cooperation in the field of sport, was solemnly signed in the presence of athletes from the university hockey team.

The Małopolska Voivodship Self-Government and the Małopolska State University of captain Witold Pilecki in Oświęcim are parties to the agreement concluded in May 2021. You are doing an excellent job in the area of education that is fundamental for Małopolska and the country. We are pleased with the continuous development of the universities in Oświęcim and Lesser Poland. We also want the scope of our joint activities to be strengthened and expanded, where it is possible and necessary, in this case in the area of sport

– says Witold Kozłowski, Marshal of the Małopolska Region.

Marshal Witold Kozłowski and Iwona Gibas from the voivodeship board met in Oświęcim with the rector of the Małopolska State University, prof. Sonia Grychtoł and vice-rector dr. Radoslaw Folga. The event was also attended by the voivodship councilor, Rafał Stuglik, as well as activists and players of the UHT Sabers Oświęcim hockey team, which represents the local university. Oświęcim athletes thanked for support by the Marshal and the Management Board of the Małopolskie Voivodeship of the ice hockey tournament of the Małopolska Winter Cup of university teams, which was played in Oświęcim in February. Małopolska was the titular partner of this event.

We had the pleasure of supporting the Oświęcim team and the participants of the Małopolska Winter Cup University Ice Hockey Challenge together with councilman Rafał Stuglik. It was a great spectacle. Once again, I am proud to emphasize that the team representing the Oświęcim university presented itself perfectly. As local government officials, we are impressed by the passion and activity of the sports environment associated with the Małopolska State University. Captain Witold Pilecki

– emphasizes Iwona Gibas from the Board of the Małopolska Region.

The meeting in the hospitable walls of the Oświęcim university focused on sports topics. – I am convinced that we are witnessing a historical event in Oświęcim. The Sabers Oświęcim university ice hockey team is the only, first such team in Poland. Meanwhile, such academic teams are the direct backbone of the best leagues in the world. So I hope that our cooperation will become a model and inspiration for others, added Rafał Stuglik, the voivodeship councillor.

Thank you for this meeting and the fruitful cooperation so far, Rector Prof. Sonia Grychtoł, as well as Vice-Rector Dr. Radoslaw Folda. I wish the young players of the university hockey team great sporting successes in the future. Remember, however, that there are no shortcuts in sport. Great successes are associated with great effort and hard work. Therefore, wishing you success and victories, I also wish you great fatigue, liters of sweat and hard training

– said Marshal Witold Kozłowski.


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