A modern sports center “SZJA”

On February 9th – 11th, our team had the pleasure of participating in the Sekler Cup tournament, which took place in Cârța, Romania. The tournament took place in the ultra-modern SZJA sports center, which provided excellent conditions for the development and training of young players. The event was not only an opportunity to compete in sports, but also to discover the beauty of this region. The SZJA center is equipped with everything players need to regenerate after intense matches. Modern facilities such as a wellness center, sauna, swimming pools and gym helped the players recuperate.

“We also used stationary exercise bikes at the center. A whole lot of strength training equipment allowed us to conduct comprehensive training that helped us to stay in shape and prepare for the next competitions. All equipment was modern and high-class, which guaranteed safe and effective use. Additionally, we had access to a professional hockey shooting range with modern equipment to improve driving technique, shot accuracy and shot strength” – UHT Sabers Captain Wojciech Zając reports.

Romanian cuisine

“Our trip to Romania was a great experience, and one of the highlights that made it so, was the delicious local cuisine. Traditional Romanian dishes, full of flavour and aroma were a perfect complement to the sports rivalry. Romanian cuisine is known for its great diversity. Fresh vegetables, meat, milk and fruit are the basis of most dishes. Importantly, a calorie table was added to all the dishes we had. For us, as athletes, this was extremely important” – goalkeeper Gabriel Kaczkowski states.


Cârța, a small town in Romania, was the perfect place for the tournament. The town is surrounded by beautiful, mountainous and green landscape. What is worth seeing here? Certainly the historic church, which is located right next to the ice rink. The Cistercian Abbey of Cârța is a place with rich history and extraordinary architecture that attracts both tourists and culture lovers. The church has roots dating back to the 13th century. Originally built as a Romanesque temple, it was later expanded and strengthened in the Gothic style. Its history is related to the settlement of German colonists who settled in this area. The church in Cârța is one of the best-preserved examples of fortified churches in Romania. Its walls were not only a place of worship, but also provided shelter for residents in times of danger.

A* organisation

The Romanians set the bar high by organising a tournament at the highest level. The logistics and organisation of the tournament should be accepted as a quality standard in all of the cities where EUHL tournaments are organised. We would like to thank all the organisers and the team Sapentia U23, for their hard work, commitment and hospitality. Thanks to them, we could focus on the game, having accommodation and access to all the necessary amenities. We would especially like to highlight the main manager of the hosts, Thamas Horvath, who largely contributed to organising the tournament at the European level. We are very grateful that we could participate in such a great event. The Sekler Cup was a great experience. We are looking forward to any further events of this rank in the EUHL! 🏒🇷🇴

We would also like to thank all our Partners and Sponsors. It was thanks to you that we were able to go participate in this tournament and… win in all three matches. We would also like to thank the entire UHT Sabers Board, fans and our excellent coaches!

#We are a team!